We’re T@bbing Now


Well, we’ve joined the RV set.

Shown above is a picture of our new T@B trailer on the day we picked it up – 5 minutes down the road from the dealership. I’d never pulled a trailer, but that didn’t matter apparently – as Ed refused to drive out of the RV dealer’s lot.

OK, fine. “Gotta do this at some point, it might as well be now”, thinks I and honest to goodly, I could hardly feel the T@B behind us.

As to why to picture was shot only 5 minutes down the road — we stopped for lunch in Westbank at the Wok Box, a place we’d always wanted to try. It was GREAT, BTW.

After lunch, I drove the rest of the way home (about an hour) and NO problem until I had to back the thing into the driveway when I had a big case of deja vu.

Ed taught me how to drive a standard (about 33 years ago). At the point where I was stopped on the hill with the guy waiting behind me, I put it in neutral, pulled the parking brake and got out.

Same thing happened with the T@B. After a few unsuccessful attempts to back it into the driveway (WITH the nosey neighbour watching), I just got out. LOL.

A few days later, we borrowed a utility trailer from a friend and I practiced backing THAT up… now I should do better than Ed who managed to puncture 2 holes in our friend’s camper when he returned the trailer.

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